InSite Organizing provides custom and sustainable solutions to conquer home and office organization, downsizing, functional storage, and home sale prep.

IF You live in the shuswap or NORTH okanagan, Let me help you declutter, uncover, and rediscover what is truly important to you!


You may feel frustrated with the state of your home, lakehouse, or office, or you may just feel you have no time to affect positive change, but the reasons for enlisting my services are as varied as the individuals who hire me.


You’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed

And you could use help creating more function and flow in your living space. Maybe the closets are a little too full and the basement has all it can handle. Your current storage is no longer working but you don’t have a solution. Successful decluttering and maximum organization means your family has more time to focus on what is truly important. A custom plan ensures a sustainable plan, and it also means you’re going to spend less time cleaning!


You’re swimming in paperwork

And you need help to make your home office or corporate office work for you so that deadlines are not missed and important paper work is not lost. I can also help with layout, file setup, and process to increase functionality, allowing YOU to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

An organized, and efficient office saves business owners valuable time, while the business itself saves money.


You’re contemplating a change

Are you moving? Downsizing? The prospect of having to go through all of your collected home treasures and deciding what to keep or discard is a daunting and almost always emotionally draining process. So is unpacking and organizing your furniture and belongings in your new or modified living space. Let me help you maximize function but in an aesthetically pleasing way. Learn how to surround yourself with the things you truly love and surrender the rest!



If this sounds like you, I’d love to help.